Game Input Parsing Library

NOTE: There will be no more updates to libgameinput

I am currently working on a simple game input library. It operates on the concept of keywords and callbacks associated with those keywords. You use a game_parser object to create a new parser. You then register keywords and callbacks with the system. You call game_parser::get_command () to get the next command from input. You can associate the library with any input and output stream you want. It passes a reference to itself to the callback, so the callback should also use these streams.


The library is basically stable now. I have begun work on a manual, and expect to finish it before I release 0.4. The tutorial portion of the manual has been written. I am also working on an expanded example program entitled "Die Harry Potter You Evil Satan Worshipping Wizard." (note: by 3rd period teacher loves Harry Potter, and it annoys me a lot, so what better way to take out my anger than to have a game where you kill destroy him?).


The last four releases are here to download. Latest on top (maybe I should move this to savannah). This is a library, but is not LGPL, it is GPL. If your program uses it, then it must also be GPL. None of my software is licensed under the Lesser-GPL for a reason.

Programs Using game_parser

There are currently no programs that use game_parser. If you have written a program that uses game_parser, please send me a message at unknown_lamer [at] unknownlamer dot org ([at] become @, dot becomes .).


I have written part of the manual. If it included as in the source distribution, but I have run texi2html on the texinfo source and uploaded a copy here as a html file. game_parser manual.

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