Scheme stuff

Here is a collection of the stuff I have done in Scheme that I decided to release. I use GNU Guile Scheme for my Scheme system because it is powerful and Free.


These are libraries that either someone else or I wrote. If someone else wrote it, I probably just ported it to guile 1.7 (and decided that it was too much work to just release a patch).

Misc. Stuff

These are just a few miscellaneous things I have written that might be useful to other people.


I write stuff in Scheme when I want to do it fast. Writing stuff in C or C++ is much more time consuming than using Scheme, unless I have to do more low level stuff (or write an X app...guile-gtk isn't really all that great, but gnome-guile 2.0 should be much better). Here are a few small programs that I have written in Scheme. NOTE: I have only tested these with Guile 1.7 and 1.5.x! They may work with older versions. If they do, then email me telling me what version it was.

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