Drawings by unknown_lamer

I can't draw. I got a "C" in art (no one gets a "C" in art). That doesn't stop me from doing stuff in the GIMP and Sketch (now Kontour, because sketch kind of sucks compared to it). Most of this stuff is generated (using a few Render Plugins), but I usually add something to it. Here are the thumbnails, follow the links for the real image.

The above paragraph is old. I don't really draw anything anymore. If I did, I'd be using the GIMP 2.x and Sodopi for vector stuff. I really need to comment these images after I redo the page using CSS and stuff. I have fixed the semi-broken xhtml (width/height are no longer supported in img) but have no reason to really do much else. If I add more pictures, I'll fix it all up and comment the existing images.


Last modified: Thu May 12 20:14:49 EDT 2005