Guile-Web: A Web Programming Library for Guile



Guile-Web is (or will be) a powerful library for Scheme web programming. The manual is fairly complete and contains documentation for all the pieces except for SSAX (for the SSAX docs look at the source). Guile-Web is intended to be used with mod_guile but mod_guile is not required to use Guile-Web (mod_guile is only recommended for speed). You must install libCGI to use guile-web (it is used for the session manager; I may use more of libCGI later). SimpleSQL is recommended; without it the db module is useless (if you don't use SimpleSQL you just can't use the module, it is not required to install or use any of the other guile-web modules).



The documentation for Guile-Web is provided as a texinfo file. You can use your favorite info viewer to read it. The documentation is licensed under the FDL so you can reprint it and do whatever you want with it (basically, read the FDL to be sure of what you can do). I have provided an HTML version here. Guile-Web 0.5.0 HTML Manual.


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