Wheat Ale (Batch A)

Recipe Wheat Ale (Batch A) Style American Wheat or Rye Beer
Brewer Clinton Ebadi Batch 5.00 gal

Recipe Characteristics
Recipe Gravity 1.049 OG Estimated FG 1.012 FG
Recipe Bitterness 26 IBU Alcohol by Volume 4.7%
Recipe Color 10° SRM Alcohol by Weight 3.7%

Quantity Grain Type Use
2.50 lb Briess Wheat DME extract
3.30 lb Coopers Liquid Wheat Malt Extract extract
1.00 lb Crystal 20L steeped
Quantity Hop Type Time
0.50 oz Challenger pellet 60 minutes
0.50 oz Challenger pellet 30 minutes
Quantity Misc Notes
1.00 unit White Labs Hefeweizen IV (WLP380) liquid tube

Recipe Notes

Heat water to 160F, steep grain for 30 minutes (maintaining temperature)

Not sure what the actual contributions of the extracts are.

Batch Notes

Brewed June 30