Batch Size5.032 galBoil Size5.756 gal
Boil Time60.000 minEfficiency72%
ABV6.2%Bitterness56.9 IBU (Tinseth)
Color7.5 srm (Morey)Calories (per 12 oz.)222


Total grain: 11.625 lb
Caramel/Crystal Malt - 20LGrain4.000 ozYesNo75%20.0 srm
Biscuit MaltGrain8.000 ozYesNo79%23.0 srm
Pale Malt (2 Row) USGrain8.125 lbYesNo79%2.0 srm
Light Dry ExtractDry Extract2.000 lbNoYes95%8.0 srm
Pale Malt (2 Row) UKGrain6.000 ozYesNo78%3.0 srm
Munich MaltGrain6.000 ozYesNo80%9.0 srm


Fuggles4.5%0.400 ozBoil20.000 minPellet3.8
Nugget13%1.000 ozBoil60.000 minPellet45.4
Kent Goldings4.8%0.500 ozBoil15.000 minPellet4.2
Kent Goldings5.5%0.660 ozBoil0.000 sPellet0.0
Willamette4.7%0.220 ozBoil20.000 minPellet2.2
Kent Goldings5%0.130 ozBoil20.000 minPellet1.4
Northern Brewer10.5%0.320 ozBoil0.000 sPellet0.0


Yeast NutrientOtherBoil1.000 tsp15.000 min
Irish MossFiningBoil1.000 tbsp15.000 min
pH 5.2 StabilizerWater AgentMash1.000 tbsp0.000 s
Water CrystalsWater AgentBoil0.282 oz60.000 min
Calcium ChlorideWater AgentBoil0.088 oz60.000 min
Epsom SaltWater AgentBoil0.035 oz60.000 min
Kosher SaltWater AgentBoil0.035 oz60.000 min


Wyeast - London ESB AleAleLiquid1.000 cupPrimary


NameTypeAmountTempTarget TempTime
mashyInfusion3.008 gal163.454 F151.000 F60.000 min
top-upInfusion4.000 qt212.000 F170.000 F10.000 min
Final Batch SpargeInfusion3.250 gal178.273 F165.200 F10.000 min


Using leftover grains, hops, and even pitching onto steve's extra special bitter yeast cake... total immediate cost for this brew is $0. FREEGAN BEER.

Intended efficiency was 80%, got ~72%. Stepped up DME to compensate. If ever brewing again (who knows...) use scale recipe to ... from the 80% version. Wiki listed 8oz Munich and so tried that, but in reality only 6oz remained. Steve subbed 2oz American 2-row (whatever).

Water is God knows what. Used City of Cary mineral profile + 8g of Water Crystals and then a few more salts to get a higher Ca/Mg/SO_4/Cl (= 103, 10, 219/103 ppm... mebbe). Problem: I live in South Raleigh now but the Raleigh water report is useless for determing the mineral profile (ye get sulfate and CaCO_3 and pH... great, can't really do anything with that). The sulfate levels were similar to Cary so screw it I says... sulfate:chloride level is 'highly bitter' (a hair over 2:1) as long as Raleigh secretly doesn't have double-plus-minerally water (nope).

Undershot mash temp slightly, added ~36oz of boiling water and got it up to ~151F from ~148F. Used pH 5.2 stabilizer just because ... pH still seemed a bit low (FEH), but maybe we just suck at reading pH strips.

DME was added "late". Unfortunately beerxml assumes late is flameout, when it was really added @T-15 min. This adjusts the theoreticaly IBU levels down a few points (probably closer to 50...).

Leftover hop weights were a bit less than I expected. Intended was just Nugget/Fuggle/Kent Goldings, but ended up having to sub bits of the Fuggle and final Kent Goldings with Willamette and Northern Brewer. Someone had to use them...

Collected ~5.8 gal wort (1.046 @ 74F). Slightly low efficiency. Boiled -> ~5 gal (1.068 @ 70F). Target fermentation temp is 68F (we have a fridge controller now so ... we can play with the upper end of ale yeast temps without inviting Disaster).

2011-11-13: Bottling

Crashed to 48⁰F on the 9th. Target is 2.1 vol CO₂, assuming residual CO₂ for 64⁰F (since it was stored mostly at that temperature) = 90g corn sugar for five gallons of beer.

FG = 1.013. Bottled 42 x 12oz (lots of trub, lower volume.


  1. Add 4.000 oz Caramel/Crystal Malt - 20L, 8.000 oz Biscuit Malt, 8.000 lb Pale Malt (2 Row) US, 8.000 lb Pale Malt (2 Row) US, 6.000 oz Pale Malt (2 Row) UK, 8.000 oz Munich Malt, to the mash tun.
  2. Bring 3.008 gal water to 163.454 F, 1.000 gal water to 212.000 F, 3.250 gal water to 178.273 F, for upcoming infusions.
  3. Add 3.008 gal water at 163.454 F to mash to bring it to 151.000 F. Hold for 60.000 min.
  4. Add 1.000 gal water at 212.000 F to mash to bring it to 170.000 F. Hold for 10.000 min.
  5. Add 3.250 gal water at 178.273 F to mash to bring it to 165.200 F. Hold for 10.000 min.
  6. Put 1.000 tbsp pH 5.2 Stabilizer into mash for 0.000 s.
  7. Bring the wort to a boil and hold for 60.000 min.
  8. Put 0.088 oz Calcium Chloride into boil for 60.000 min.
  9. Put 0.282 oz Water Crystals into boil for 60.000 min.
  10. Put 0.035 oz Epsom Salt into boil for 60.000 min.
  11. Put 0.035 oz Kosher Salt into boil for 60.000 min.
  12. Put 1.000 oz Nugget into boil for 60.000 min.
  13. Put 0.400 oz Fuggles into boil for 20.000 min.
  14. Put 0.220 oz Willamette into boil for 20.000 min.
  15. Put 0.130 oz Kent Goldings into boil for 20.000 min.
  16. Put 0.500 oz Kent Goldings into boil for 15.000 min.
  17. Put 1.000 tsp Yeast Nutrient into boil for 15.000 min.
  18. Put 1.000 tbsp Irish Moss into boil for 15.000 min.
  19. Put 0.660 oz Kent Goldings into boil for 0.000 s.
  20. Put 0.320 oz Northern Brewer into boil for 0.000 s.
  21. Stop boiling the wort.
  22. Add 2.000 lb Light Dry Extract, to the boil at knockout.
  23. You should have 5.283 gal wort post-boil. You anticipate losing 1.004 qt to trub and chiller loss. The final volume in the primary is 5.032 gal.
  24. Cool wort and pitch Wyeast - London ESB Ale Ale yeast, to the primary.
  25. Let ferment until FG is 1.019.
  26. Transfer beer to secondary.