Stuff unknown_lamer Has Coded

I only write Free Software. All of my code is licensed under a Free Software license (mostly the GPL). Being a mostly broke University Student, I'll take whatever work I can, and will sell out and write proprietary software if it means I get to keep my car running.


Current Projects

I am currently (or at least pretending to be) working these projects.


Bobot++ is a scriptable IRC bot.


Guile Web Programming Library. Guile-web is a set of modules for Guile that are supposed to make web programming easier (especially when combined with guile-www).

Inactive Projects

I am no longer working on these because I lost interesting or completed them. Mostly lost interest.


WMSndplay is a fork of wmmp3 (it looked long dead to me) that can now play ogg vorbis files. It also features playlist support, better randomization, faster scrolling titles, and on screen display (OSD) support. The current version is 0.01 because I haven't done much with it (don't worry--it is still configurable). I stopped work on WMSndplay because I decided to disable SaveUnders and use XMMS again, but having to leave SaveUnders disabled is starting to get me angry again so I'm probably going to work on it a bit more :). Download WMSndplay 0.01


Fexec forks and executes a program. It is basically a simple one-off program that I wrote a long time ago. I fixed a few stupid mistakes that I made and decided to release it. Basically it lets you run a program and have it continue to run after you exit the shell it is running from. It produces no output (unless you call it with no args or an error occurs) and just gets the job done. Since I run X mostly for the purpose of running aterms and Emacs, this makes my life easier. Download fexec.c. This is public domain software.


SPLister, the Sound Player Lister, was my first "real" program. As such, it really sucks, and no longer functions correctly (it leaves behind a lot of dead children because of fork/thread interaction). I last worked on this when I was fifteen. This is a horrible piece of code and should only be looked at in order to learn how not to code. Download SPLister 0.5.0

Game Input Parser Library

This is a small game input parsing library in C++. Game Input Parser Page. The Game Input Parser page has all the details. (project finished)

Miscellaneous Scheme stuff

Other stuff I have written in Scheme for GNU Guile Scheme.

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